Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours

Holistic Yoga and  Marga Yoga are partnering to offer a complete yoga training program for teachers. This program is inspired by classical Hatha Yoga with emphasis on the psychosomatic interpretation of asana and breathing and on the therapeutic approach of asanas for the balance of body and mind.

This program is aimed at people who want to teach or experience yoga in depth. Within 10 months they will transform the body, improve breathing and concentration and they will understand the spiritual background of yoga science so that they are able to impart this knowledge. This training will be the beginning of a long journey of self-knowledge, self-realization and transformation through the application of an integrated system of yogic philosophy, in real life.

The instructors are:

Anatomy lessons by Dimitris Tsardakas

–All participants, upon completion, will receive a Certificate of Study and an International Yoga Federation certificate.

–The course begins in November 2019 and ends in July 2020. Teaching will take place one weekend per month and requires physical attendance 3 times per week.

–Special lessons and home training will be arranged for those in the province.

The training includes:
  • 200 Basic asanas
  • Όλες οι βασικές pranayama
  • Yamas & niyamas και το οκταπλό μονοπάτι
  • Mudras, bandas, mandras
  • Ιστορία της yoga και τα διάφορα είδη
  • Βασικές φιλοσοφικές αρχές της γιόγκα και τα yoga sutras
  • Αρχές της Vinyasa Yoga
  • Δομή μαθήματος
  • Ανατομία
  • Ενεργειακή Ανατομία & Chakras
  • Διαλογισμός Vipasana
  • Yoga nidra
  • 9&10/11, Όρθιες Άσανας και ανατομία στις Όρθιες Άσανας
  • 7&8/12, Καθιστές Άσανας και ανατομία στις Καθιστές Άσανας
  • 11&12/1, Πρηνείς Άσανας και ανατομία στις Πρηνείς Άσανας
  • 15&16/2, Ανάστροφες Ασανας και ανατομία στις Ανάστροφες Άσανας
  • 14&15/3, Vinyasa Yoga
  • 4&5/4, Pranayama, Bandas
  • 9&10/5, Οκταπλό Μονοπάτι, Mundras
  • 13&14/6, Φιλοσοφία & Ιστορία της Yoga και Yoga Sutras
  • 4&5/7, Yoga Nidra, Διαλογισμός Vipassana
  • 11&12/7, Yoga για το ενεργειακό σώμα, Chakras & Ενεργειακή Ανατομία

For joining or more info please contact us using the form below:

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