What is Yoga

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What is Yoga

an ancient path for the health and the well-being that is used in modern society.

The word yoga means unity and comes from the Sanskrit word yuj.

Yoga is a method of self-awareness that aims man’s self-evolution , release from pain, happiness and connection to the “cosmos”.

Grand masters interpret yoga as “unification and harmonization of thought, speech and action, or unification of the head, heart, and hand.”

Yoga is the science of the right way of living and it affects all aspects of the individual: physical, vital, mental, emotional, spiritual and parapsychic. This is achieved through the techniques of asanas (exercises ), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

The science of yoga initially works on the person’s outer side, the physical body and aims to bring the various body functions in perfect coordination for the good of the whole body.

From the physical body, yoga moves to the mental and emotional level. Many people suffer from phobias and neurosis because of the stress and the daily anxiety. Yoga is a proven method for dealing with all the above.

Physical and mental therapy is the most important achievements of yoga. What makes it so effective is that it works with the holistic principles of harmony and unity. According to medical scientists, yoga brings balance to the nervous and endocrine system and is successful as an alternative form of treatment for various diseases.

The yoga exercises are governed by a spirit of harmony with the natural energies that exist around us, and from a spirit of non-violence and deepening in to what is essential and at the same time healing.

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