Yoga for hormones

The science of yoga is in itself an therapeutic method to all kinds of hormonal disorders, from menopause to hypothyroidism and from dysmenorrhea to diabetes. With techniques from various systems and schools of yoga, with  selected poses (asanas) for each case and specific breathing exercises (pranayama) as well as guided visualizations, meditation, sound therapy and relaxation, you can achieve harmonization of the endocrine glands and thus the balance of the whole system.

More specifically Hormone Yoga Therapy is an alternative approach for menopause and other hormonal disturbances, based on  D. Rodriguez system H.Y.T.

Exercises and techniques from Kundalini yoga and Tibenan energy techniques reduce or eliminate all menopause symptoms and bring balance to the female endocrine system.

It is a method for all women over 35 years old for therapeutic and prophylactic reasons. It can also be used by younger women who have hormonal problems, because works intensively the energy body and increases and regulates hormon levels.

Hormone yoga has very good results in cases as: hot flushes, insomnia, lost of memory, slow thinking, depression,  uro genital dryness, headaches and migraines, joint pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, weight increase and redistribution of fat, hair loss, brittle nails, skin itching, osteoporosis and osteopeny, high cholesterol, polycystic ovaries, ovarian cyst, excess on menstrual bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menstrual colic, decrease of libido, emotional instability, infertility, hypothyroidism.

With the guidance of experienced teachers, you can awaken the autoimmune mechanisms of your body and achieve physical and mental health !!

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