Holistic Yoga

singing bowls

Holistic Yoga

Through specific techniques the body and the mind are trained to realize and observe their nature.

Holistic yoga is a non – dogmatic approach to yoga that considers the well being of the whole individual.

Holistic yoga comes from various yoga traditions so that we can explore our health on many levels, physical, mental and spiritual.

Focus is on the essence of holistic yoga which is a tool to deepen the connection with our innermost self and from this place of connection we experience greater unity and harmony in all.

Holistic yoga includes asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra and mantra. We merge breath, balance, flexibility and strength and we learn self healing techniques and find depth in our practice.

Holistic lessons take account of the individualities of each person and are suitably adapted to each case.

Our twenty years of teaching experience and our previous engagement with dance and martial arts make our lessons a unique journey of joy, harmony and physical and mental uplift!

Don’t think about your skills or level. Think only about your needs and desires and let us coordinate and share with you our passion for yoga, to offer a fullness experience modified just for you and/or your friends.

Everyone is different and unique and since each person has particular needs in  various stages of life, individual lessons can be focused precisely on the points that are needed most and can be modified according to the path and evolution of each student.

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