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Marga Yoga and Holistic Yoga are offering to Yoga teachers a  complete 200 hours training program inspired from Hatha Yoga with a deep look into the psychosomatic interpretation of asanas, the breathing and the therapeutic side of asanas for the mind and body.


Stella Fysika Senior Yoga Teacher

My connection with yoga began in 1991  where I discovered Hrani yoga and the teachings of master O.M.Aivanhov.

Since then my connetion with yoga has become stronger and deeper. So yoga gave me the impulse and internal direction to start participating in a series of courses and seminars in Greece and abroad (India, Germany Sri Lanka), with teachers from various systems: Astanga, Kundalini, Anusara, Sivananda, Satyananda, Hormone yoga. I believe that  the first circle of my apprenticeship drew me towards Iyengar’s method and the yoga of the Circle and the Cross.

yoga in sunset

My teaching experience begins in 2001. Since then I have collaborated with various cultural associations, alternative centers, studios yoga – pilates, and also the yoga world magazine. I teach individual tailored private lessons as well as groups, organize seminars and teacher training programs.

Hormone Yoga Therapy

An alternative approach to hormonal disorders.

holistic yoga

Through specific techniques the body and the mind are trained to realize and observe their nature.

yoga on the beach

Follow us on our organized  Yoga retreats in beautiful places.

yoga classroom

Private and Small Group Lessons

Accordingly to the objective pursued, each lesson is structured in a specific base-prototype in which adjustments and variations are made, considering the level, the skills and the abilities of the student.


Through specific techniques the body and the mind are trained to realize and observe their nature.


Regardless of age, gender, or physical condition everybody benefits from Yoga practice.


Ranging from the management of our daily energy to the alleviation of chronic pain and menopausal symptoms

Private sessions are available at our studios or at a place of your choice  adjusting every lesson to your needs and requirements.
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